Socastee Community Church – Deliverance Myrtle Beach, SC

We offer Ministry (Spiritual Counseling) and Deliverance

NON DENOMINATIONAL CHURCH with Pastor Ricky and Priscilla Martin

Hour of Power Bible study 7pm Wednesdays

Whom Shall I Send?

Isaiah 6:3-10 helps us realize our calling in the midst of our own spiritual growth to minister and serve others. God Word speaks of the whole earth being full of His glory, and by letting the Spirit of God work in our lives to sanctify, deliver and heal us, we then allow God to use us to minister to others.. God is calling you to be that person who chooses to say “here I am – send me.”

The heart of this ministry is to equipped you to do the work of the ministry, removing the kingdom of darkness which is the true fullness of salvation. We are a Healing and Deliverance Ministry affiliated with Be In Health Ministry in Thomason Ga. you can find out more about what we stand for and believe, watch the video at The Online Conference

Also be sure to visit the International Spiritual Warfare Team.

We look forward to meeting you and remember, God is the God of all Hope Romans 15:13